Multifamily Real Estate Investments

Creating & preserving wealth for investors through strategic multifamily investments

About Us

Sirius Investment Group is a privately held real estate group that specializes in the acquisition, improvement, re-positioning, and management of commercial multifamily investment properties.

Here at SIG our Goal Is to create wealth for our investors thru multifamily property investments. We look for value-add opportunities which enable us to force appreciation and provide a stable cash flow return to our investors. 

We partner with accredited and non-accredited investors, lenders, brokers, asset managers, and property managers to achieve maximum returns for everyone involved.

We are currently seeking investment partners while providing a foundation upon trust, quality and transparency. 

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Why Multifamily?

Multifamily properties provide an excellent vehicle to investors of all types.


Investing in multifamily can provide great wealth that can be created through holding real estate property long term, allowing investors to benefit from the many advantages real estate brings. Advantages such as economies of scale, cash flow opportunities, principle reduction, appreciation, tax sheltering thru depreciation and more.


Multifamily properties have and will continue to be in high demand even during market downturns (people still need a place to live).

Our Strategy

Here at SIG, our strategy is simple, yet effective. We specialize in partnering with investors for multifamily properties in strong, promising markets and work to become experts in those areas. We then concentrates on identifying opportunities of underperforming or under-capitalized investment properties with strong value add potential.

We determine the potential value add of the asset through a combination of in depth underwriting, sound financing strategies, calculated renovations, aggressive leasing and management, and a strong focus on measurable sustainability. This gives us the opportunity to force appreciation, thus increasing cash flow to our investors while maintaining a greater margin of safety. Prior to entering into any transaction we stress test potential investments to ensure that they can withstand changing market conditions while strictly avoiding over-leveraging our assets.

Our exit plan varies from property to property but in general we like to say we are real estate buyers, in which we ideally look to hold our properties long term. This enable us the opportunity to refinance the property, refund our investors at which point they can continue to enjoy the benefit of lifetime cash flow with little, if not zero, of their original investment. 

Sirius Investment Group

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